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Tis a big and beautiful worldMost of us live and die in the same corner where we were born and never get to see any of it…

                                                                                         I don’t want to be most of us.

A collection of known Dorne Houses (requested by danytargarayen and halemcjoel)


A Song of Ice and Fire Fancasting Meme  |  [5/9] characters’ family members who aren’t portrayed

Arianne Martell

Arianne grew up at the Water Gardens. She has two younger brothers Quentyn and Trystane

When she was 14, Arianne found a letter that her father was about to send to her brother Quentyn, in which he stated that his son would one day sit in his place and rule Dorne, suggesting that Prince Doran intended for her younger brother to succeed him, passing over Arianne entirely. According to her own account, she cried about her discovery for many days.

She saw the marriage prospects Prince Doran entertained for her as further proof of these plans, as she expected a marriage match that befit her rank as a high lord’s heiress. Instead, Prince Doran publicly entertained suits from various elderly lords. Unbeknownst to her, he merely used these suitors, which he knew Arianne would refuse, as cover for his plan to marry his daughter to Viserys Targaryen as part of his long-term goal to bring House Targaryen back to the Iron Throne.

As heiress to Sunspear, she was permitted to hold the titular governance of Dorne during her father’s absences. Although until his death Prince Oberyn was considered to be the true reigning power at these time.

The death of Viserys alters Doran’s plans with instead a marriage between Quentyn and Daenerys, while Arianne is secretly reinstated as the heiress to Sunspear. Soon after her failed attempt of trying to put Mrycella on the Iron Throne, finds out about her fathers true plans.

Aiysha Hart as Arianne Martell


house martell + name meanings: part 2/2

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Elia’s Martell last night


Elia’s Martell last night